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A few of my cousin Oliver

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I usually steer clear of photographing babies (there’s a reason why they say never work with babies or animals!) but occasionally I do for good friends and family. Oliver is my second cousin and he’s a very happy and well behaved little chap. He is also pretty good in front of a camera. I took these photos this afternoon and thought I would share a few; I love how expressive he is!

Amazing baby photo main

Hurricane Bertha 2014

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I am loving the crazy weather today. The remnants of Hurricane Bertha are just passing over the UK and I looked out the window and saw this awesome sky. I could sit and stare at it all day.

Hurricane Bertha London City

Thunderstorm in Krabi, Thailand

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I am a big fan of thunderstorms and I couldn’t resist a walk down the beach tonight to capture the most impressive one I’ve seen in a while. I am currently in Thailand to shoot a wedding and it’s nice to get over to some decent weather (even if the humidity plays havoc with my equipment every time I leave an air conditioned room or car). There have been some impressive sunsets here too which I have got to witness from my hotel (click ‘see more’ below to see extra photos), fingers crossed the storms hold of for the wedding tomorrow though!

Krabi lightning thunder storm Thailand (more…)

2013 in photos

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2013 has been a huge year for me. I photographed weddings in Australia and Greece as well as many all over the UK. I have been doing a lot more commercial photography which has given me the chance to work for companies like YSL and to see many parts of England that I never have before. I have bought a house and settled in and for the first time got properly fit after shattering my knee and even climbed Snowdon. Next year I turn the big 3  0 and it is already set to be a huge year. I have weddings all around the world as well as travelling to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro. Here’s a little taster of this year in photos (including some I haven’t published yet) but the best I hope are yet to come. I hope 2014 is an amazing year for all of my friends, family and clients and that you all surpass everything you set out to do. Happy New Year!

(click below to see more)

2013 collage (more…)

Canary Wharf Jubilee Line

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I took this photo a while back on a commercial job in London but have only just got round to editing it. It was taken underground on the Canary Wharf Jubilee Line. It is quite a striking entrance to the station. There was actually hoarding covering half of the right hand side of the image so I had to completely reconstruct it in Photoshop. I also added the sky to give the image a more ethereal feel. Click below to see the original (the power of photoshop never ceases to amaze me!)

Canary Wharf escalator (more…)

The London Skyline

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Here’s one from a commercial shoot I was on yesterday photographing some new apartments in Shoreditch. This is the view from one of the penthouse apartments terraces. I wouldn’t mind a garden like that!

city centre

The Perseids Meteor storm – Colchester

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The Perseids are a prolific meteor shower that occurs every year around mid July. They have been observed for over 2000 years and were named after the sons of Perseus in Greek Mythology.

It is just one of those things that you hear about in the news but never actually get round to going somewhere away from light pollution and laying down and watching it. So this year I decided to get my arse into gear and do something about it! I messaged some friends, grabbed my camera and we headed down to the Fordham Hall Estate just outside of Colchester.

I have to say, I think it was the most impressive night sky I have seen in England. It was very clear and you could see most of the Milky Way stretching over head. At peak, the storm is supposed to show around 100 meteors an hour. It’s certainly something I am not going to miss again! Here are a few shots: Group shot meteor storm Colchester small (more…)

Colchester Storm

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I have been lucky to have seen a lot of the world and I’ve seen my fair share of big storms. But I have to say, the storm passing over Colchester right now is one of the best I have seen. Here’s a photo I just took out of my office window:

Storm Colchester small

1950s style Pin-up

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I have always wanted to shoot some 1950s style pin up photos but have never got round to it. I had a commercial shoot last week and a friend of mine Lois was the model. After we finished up with the job we decided to have some fun. Lois had brought some dresses along and I brought a few props like some old coke bottles. As you can see I have done a fair bit of editing to give that ‘old fashioned poster’ look and I am really pleased with the results.  Lois pin-up3 small 2 (more…)

Fashion Photography – some old shots edited

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I was digging through some of last year’s photos earlier when I came across these. I had a little play with them to see what I could get out of them. Click  see more below to see the before and afters of each shot: Tilda purple field small (more…)

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