Iceland – The Land of Ice & Fire

Iceland - The Land of Ice & Fire
This was actually my third trip to Iceland, although my first as a photographer. I was out for a friends stag do but it would have been a crime not to have booked some time to explore before hand. Iceland's landscape is unique, it's stark, it's barren and it's incredibly beautiful. Bare black volcanic beaches, huge majestic glaciers, ominous skies and enchanting water[...]

The Lofoten Islands, Norway

The Lofoten Islands, Norway
I will never forget my first siting of Lofoten. Tall craggy peaks fringed with snow jut out of the Arctic Ocean like some kind of ancient monster. They appear so inhospitable from the sky (and the land for that matter) that you wonder how humans have managed to survive here for 6000 years. Well they haven't only survived, they have thrived. Every winter the meeting of[...]

Africa – May 2014

Africa - May 2014
This was my first time in what I would call 'proper Africa' (Egypt doesn't quite count for me). We gave ourselves a full schedule without a day off but that's how I like my holidays! We sat with Gorillas in the jungles of Rwanda, climbed a mountain in Tanzania (I got a cerebral oedema - not pleasant!) and we spent 3 days on Safari. The below cover image is myself and [...]

Thunderstorm in Krabi, Thailand

Thunderstorm in Krabi, Thailand
I am a big fan of thunderstorms and I couldn't resist a walk down the beach tonight to capture the most impressive one I've seen in a while. I am currently in Thailand to shoot a wedding and it's nice to get over to some decent weather (even if the humidity plays havoc with my equipment every time I leave an air conditioned room or car). There have been some impressiv[...]

Stop over in Doha, Qatar

Stop over in Doha, Qatar
I feel very fortunate to be out in Australia at the moment to photograph a friends wedding. The weather is beautiful and I hear the location is perfect so I am looking forward to the big day this weekend. On the way out I flew with Qatar Airways and decided to stop over for a couple of days to break up the journey and to see somewhere new and a bit different. Here's a[...]

Lake Towerrinning, Perth – A Perfect Night Sky

Lake Towerrinning, Perth - A Perfect Night Sky
So after the most incredible wedding in Australia last week, we went on a camping trip to Lake Towerrinning which is a beautiful spot about 3 hours drive south east of Perth. We got to spend the whole weekend enjoying the sun (and a couple of storms) and wake boarding. I have just arrived home in the UK and am still aching. One of the best things was the night sky the[...]

The Mongol Rally 2012

The Mongol Rally 2012
43 days, 19 countries and 9058 miles from the UK to Mongolia. The Mongol Rally lived up to every expectation I had of it. Adrenaline, incredible scenery, some of the friendliest people I have ever met, bad stomachs, worse roads, blazing hot days, freezing cold nights, the clearest starry skies I have ever seen. I could spend all day describing this trip, but as they s[...]

Travel: People & Animals

One of the most rewarding parts of travelling is being able to meet so many people from different cultures all over the world. One thing I have learnt is that we aren't so different. People laugh at the same things, cry at the same things and have similar aspirations and difficulties. We are, after all, the same species. Whilst I was away travelling I didnt have a pr[...]

Travel: A view from above

Whether it be from a plane, skyscraper, volcano or mountain, you see a lot of impressive views whilst travelling. I certainly saw a lot of views whilst in transit on my travels. In the 2 years I was out of the country I took 42 separate flights, 30 overnight buses and countless taxis, boats, trains, tuk- tuks and motorcycle rides. I flew over huge oceans, beautiful tr[...]

Travel Sillouhettes

Whilst theres not so much wedding work over the winter season I have decided to post series of some of my travel photos. I was looking through some of my shots the other day and realised I have a lot of silhouette shots. Silhouetted photos are easy to take and I'm not under any illusion that you need to be a talented photographer to take them. Their simplicity can ma[...]